Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jenna Wortham

What do you think about Facebook?? do you think it
will give you a good impact in your life or not?
people, as we all realize, Facebook is a famous social
networking that has been used by a lot of people all
 over the world. It is the best way in finding our old
 friend and the cheapest way to communicate with
other people. Facebook has been launched in
 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo
Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. They
are the person who introduce the usage of facebook
among the people in the world. They also make a
very big change to the society by make them interact
 with people that is out of their country.Facebook is
one of the place for all people to connect with each
other. Facebook allow people to communicate  and
interact with people although they do not know them.
 it is the best place to make friend. Not only that,
facebook also can change human attitude where by
 using facebook, it can increase self confident and
make the person brave enough went talking to
anybody else.

Jenna Wortham, is technology reporter for The New York Times. Her stories focus on novel ways consumers are using technology to enhance their daily lives along with emerging Internet-based business models and the personalities shaping the start-up industry. She make a report regarding the facebook where she found that Facebook grew only ten percent from October 2010 until October 2011. Because of that, she become with a lot of reason to explain what actually happen if people using Facebook. 

There are many reason why people should'n need to
 having Facebook. The first reason because they do 
not have their own privacy where people will easily 
get their details from their info for example is their 
home town, their contact number and also their 
picture. Besides that, there is also have a hacker in Facebook. On that cases, we actually do not know if
there is people try to hack you by using your names 
and your identity.

If you think and agree that Jenna Wortham is right, click your home button then go to account setting, click security and lastly you can click deactivate your account. TQ 

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