Saturday, 11 February 2012

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs past experience where there are a dark side in his life since he was a baby

Since he was a baby, he had a very bad past experience.  Steve Jobs, being abandoned by his biological parents where his mother let him to another people for adoption.  His parent said that he is unexpected child and asked another people to take him as a child. As the time goes around, he has his own child name Lisa. The same thing that happen to him, he make it true to his daughter where he abandoned her same like his parent done to him.Take a break, and think for a while. On what reason Steve Jobs do that to his own child. As we all know he has through all of that before that and he know how the feeling of being abandoned by his own parent. For two years, it is hard for him to accept and admit Lisa as his daughter.

Besides that, because of his young age, he cannot accept and believe that he will a get a child as he is not ready to carry the responsible in order to be a good father for Lisa. He also says that he is infertile to have a baby on that time, so it is impossible for him to admit it and because of that he abandoned his own child, Lisa. for a long time, about 8 years finally Steve Jobs can accept his daughter. where the DNA test have prove that Lisa is his daughter.  

R.I.P Steve Jobs

On September 5, 2011 Steve Job died at his house in California around 3 p.m because of pancreatic cancer. He died with his wife, children and his sister at his side.

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