Friday, 20 April 2012

Happiness is important

I would like to share an information about an article, “The Degree of Happiness” that was written by Bertrand Russell.  I think this article is very good as it tell us about the happiness and joy that we achieve in our life. As for me, I think happiness is very important. Why I said like that? It is because, without happiness, our life will become useless as we need something that will make us laugh and make us enjoy. Every day when I talk about my mom about what I have through along my day, my mom always said that although you have some difficulties in your life, actually the difficulties is your happiness. Either you realize or not, difficulties will lead you to happiness and the difficulties itself will make you smile one day. Happiness is not only about what we want but happiness is all about our self. If we don’t happy, we cannot pretend like we are happy. Same like if we are crying, we cannot say that, we are happy as people can see it through our eyes. Not all people happy with their life. Many people easily said that, all rich live happily with their family while the poor are not. They love to stereotypes people without knowing the fact. Actually it is not true at all. Not all rich live in a good condition as they are also open to many factors that will lead them to the family problem. Besides that, children also have their own happiness. They love to make something that they want. On that time, parent cannot do anything and they will make sure their parent fulfil their need. The happiness will clearly see when the children get what they actually want. To achieve something in our life is not possible, what is impossible is if we do not try to achieve it by our self. Try something that can make you enjoy with your life and I bet, you will feel the happiness.

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