Friday, 20 April 2012

Steve Jobs well motivated person

Steve Jobs is a very honest person. He is a very well motivated and he brings a lot of inspiration toward all people. He is also a very good speech. He knows what he should say and he give a lot of motivation while giving his speech. He is brilliant in doing his work. He will do something until he achieves what he really wants in his life. Steve jobs is a very discipline person which is he is able to organized his life well. He always makes something until it is work. He also will ensure if he does something, he will make it until it is finish. Years by years, he always gets reward for his achievement by producing a lot of new product in order to make people life easier by using the product. He has a very good spirit. Although he has been fired by his own company, but he never give up with what he want to do. For him, there is nothing that he should give up as he can stand and move on with his new life. His attitude makes me feel, he is very gentle and I feel that he is a very committed person. He knows what his doing in his life. Jobs are a person who is only believes in what he believes. He only will hear his own thought as he doesn’t like to hear any advises from other. Besides that, he also has a very good idea in produce a new product. He has a very creative and innovative minded that help him in doing something new for his product. Although he have through a lot of obstacle during his life, but he always stand to what he want to achieve. He never regret with what he do during his life as he was doing something that he really want. I really impress with him as he is eager in achieve his own ambition and target. We should proud with him as he is one of the person that making revolution toward the technology.

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