Friday, 20 April 2012

Quit Facebook as it is not cool at all!

A lot of people said that Facebook is something that good for people to interact. But for Jenna Wortham, Facebook is the worst place to interact with other people as it gives a lot of negative impact. She also said that, Facebook will bring a lot of pros than cons. It is because, Facebook is a medium that open to all people connecting without any boundaries. People should realize that, connect with people that we don’t know will lead to a crime. As nowadays, there are a lot of cases according to the social network, where by a lot of girl have been a victim of pornographic by the people who are irresponsible. But, they question is, how did they do it? The answers are very simple, they only need to pick the picture that show at the Facebook and then edit it by using a lot of technique. As we already know, people love to show something that the thing they want to show without they realize it will make their life suffer. Actually, I really agree with Wortham, as she said Facebook is not cool at all. As we can see, Facebook will lead people to be bad person and from Facebook also, many problems occur whereby fakes account also taking place. This fake account make many people confuse about which account is the real account. This fake account is usually made by people who want to stalk other people’s page where they don’t want their identity known by the owner of the pages. By using fake name, fake picture and fake identity information, the person easily will get to know about the person that they would like to know. Actually, this phenomena always occur among people who doesn’t have a confident in reveal them self, so that they used this kind of method, so that they can be a part of the social networking. What I can conclude here, Facebook bring a lot of disadvantages. Stop Facebook, before Facebook stop your life!

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