Friday, 20 April 2012

Hitler is cruel person

           Adolf Hitler is a person who are 
writing the article title “The Jews and their Deceits”. He is is the most powerful dictator that make all people impress with his spirit as a person who hate Jew. As a people, we love to make a judgement toward other people. Hitler is well known by his cruelty and heartless attitudes. In this article published by him, he really expressed how much he hates the Jews.  To express how much Hitler hate the Jews, he called the Jews as “pigs” and “blood sucking vermin” as he claim that they are a liars and cannot be trusted at all. He also said that the Jews is actually a very good pretender. They love to make people trust them  and they are very good in doing their dirty work.  Hitler is a person who think that he is the best among the others. he believe that, no one can challenge him and no other person can collapse him. As he is proud with his position, he always being arrogant and do not care about others opinion. He think that, he know what is the best and what he need without hearing any advised from others. Hitler is a selfish person. He will do anything in order to achieve his target. He will do something that never expected by other people in order to make himself be on top of the organization. He has his own target, whereby he will make all the Jews as his enemies and kill them without thinking about the impact of his behavior.  As he hate the Jews so much, he will make sure that all the Jews afraid with him. He is very cruel and no heart and feeling.

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