Friday, 20 April 2012

Satisfaction and Happinesss

This article "The Degree of Happiness" is actually an excerpt from his book "The Conquest of Happiness".  The article needs to read twice as I cannot understand it at first. It is because; I have some difficulties to understand each content in the article.  In this article state that general people are easy to gain happiness because they had nothing to care about. 

Besides that, happiness is also about a satisfaction. Satisfaction mean if someone wants to make something that will make them happy; they will strive by doing it well. For example is, if they want to modified a car, for sure they will modified it to be more beautiful and elegant not because they want to modified their car because they want to make it worst. Same like us, to make ourselves happy, we must find something that will help us to be happy and not find something that will make us down. When talk about satisfaction, as a person, we want to do something that will satisfied our own need. We will do the best to make ourselves happy with our own effort. In order to make ourselves satisfied, we might be cannot make other people satisfied with us.  For example, when we paint something and we sow to the picture of what we have paint, the public who doesn’t have any experience in art will said it is worst as it is difficult for them to understand the picture and they will consider it as bad picture, but if they know about art, maybe they will said that the picture is beautiful.

In my opinion, all people deserve to be happy. As we all know, happy is a word that will describe about our feeling. It is enough, if we know how to make ourselves happy. A normal person should feel some happiness in their life. It is because; everyone will have their own happiness. As for me, my happiness is my family, my friends, my boyfriends and people around me. Whereby, they have made my life wonderful. They cheer me up every day and they always make me smile for my entire day. A person, who lives in happiness, is a person who actually knows how to find their own happiness. Just like me, I know what is my happiness and because of that, when I am sad, I will find my happiness to help me in covering all my sadness. 


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