Friday, 20 April 2012


What is Facebook? Nowadays, as we can see, Facebook is like a trend among people and majority of the people who have Facebook account is teenagers. The Facebook is created to allow people to connect with each other in a different way. Many people nowadays are being exposed with social networking. Although, it have become a trend toward people, but not all people like to have Facebook account and they do not really want to have it as they think is it just waste of their time. Many people said that, by having a Facebook, it is not cool at all. They also claim that, Facebook is a useless medium that people think can connect people but it is actually will ruin people relationship. As we all know, Face book main selling points is to make friends and colleagues build in closer relationship. Why Facebook did is said as a medium that will ruin people relationship? This is fact. It is because, by having a Facebook account, the person only will connect with people trough networking. The think that, it is enough to have a conversation through chat in the Facebook. People who get into Facebook also have problems as they have a problem to socialize with other people. Usually, people who have Facebook account, they will spent most of their time in their room while posting some status on their wall by hopping people will read it and comment the status that they have made. Actually, sometime there are a person who love to share some stupid status such as “hye peeps! Feel like want to fart!”, this is not cool and not mature at all. As we can see, Facebook doesn’t bring any positive impact toward our society. What can I say here, Facebook is not cool at all and let us quit Facebook!

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