Friday, 20 April 2012

Jews, who is actually a JEWS??

Who is a Jew? Actually, we don’t really know what types of people that we can call them as a Jew. I would like to share some information about Jew. Many people think that the Jewish is bad without knowing why they become like that. As a human being, we are always doing something without investigated it is true that the Jewish is bad. According to a commentary written by Dr. Gerhard Falks, he said that the Jews are actually a person who is.....

·     >  Person who is born of two Jewish parents is a Jew.
·    >    Person that was born by one Jewish parent and who raises his children in Judaism is a Jew.
·    >  Person who adheres to the Jewish religion and honestly lives by our tradition and says of himself that he is a Jewish is a Jew.
·    >    Evidently, all who formally convert to Judaism in any manner that they find justified and in a manner regarded as legitimate by any branch of Judaism is a Jew.
·    >    A person who belongs to another religion is not Jewish no matter who is his mother or father is or may have been.
·    >    A person who was born Jewish but denounces the Jewish people and seeks our end is not a Jew. 

Above is a characteristic of a Jews. So, are you apart from them? Think about that and used your intelligent brain to think either you is apart from them or not.  J

This two picture is the symbol of Jews. it is call as The Star of David. The Jews believe that it is a symbol to a magic shield owned by King David that help him to protect himself from the enemies.

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