Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russel was born on 18 May1972 at Ravenscroft, Trellech, Monmouthshire. He is a British Philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian and social critic.

Three Passion Of Bertrand Russell

The Degree Of Happiness

According to an article title " The Degree Of Happiness" by Bertrand Russell, there are two types of happiness. Happiness divided by two types which is open to any human being and the others one as for only those who can read or write. We should realize that, happiness did not depend on intellectual sources only. For our information, happiness is actually based on physical vigor, a sufficiency of work and the overcoming of not insuperable obstacle in the shape of rock. We should notice that, happiness was not based on belief in natural law, or any of the fad, fashion, creeds withe an intellectuals consider necessary to their enjoyment life. Happiness will make someone life better. Based on the research, happiness will bring positive impact toward all people where happiness my change someone to be a better person for example, it will make the person feel comfortable with other people and always smile for all day without any problems. By show your good facial expression, people will know that you are in a right mood. As we all know, we cannot buy happiness as happiness does not have have any price tag. Although we are rich that own a lot of money, actually if we look around, sometimes the poor life is better that the rich. Why i said like that? It is because some of the rich only set at their mind that their objective to stay alive is because want to collect a lot of money and wealth as they can despite the poor where they think it is okay for them to live as a poor as long as they can live in happiness and they appreciate with what they have. We should remember that sometimes happiness will lead people to be a successful person. So, start from today, shining your day with happiness :)

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